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Jason told reporters he had no detailed calculations of Hermes Milan station traffic, but one time in one day to sell 7. Jason said, hermes scarf series on the market price of the ordinary about 80,000-100,000 range, 2011 higher prices, macroeconomic impact, consumption this year is rational, so prices fell slightly. In fact, Hermes Birkin bag remains a year 10% gain. Recent hot black gold lock style to 150,000. Milan said Mr Choi responsible for the back-office operations, "Hermes Birkin and hermes scarf is one of the most investment value, Birkin, limited color bar starts to buy about 80,000, but sold about 200,000. Some say this is money than stocks, so many people own consumption must be in full swing at the same time also are turning to investments.

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For example, number of people travelling abroad may have inadvertently encountered no domestic models, plus foreign prices are relatively low, they would bring back in appreciation of the secondary market investments. The profits are considerable." Second-hand shops for luxury goods in Asia comes from Japan, development in China after Hong Kong, now in mainland China, Malaysia and Singapore are more popular. While Hermes on the secondary market is not strictly "second-hand". In fact, most of the Birkin was new, just after the transfer of the program. Price gap with new packages using the package remained unchanged at around 20,000-30,000 yuan. Show net senior appraiser said luxury goods thrift store value of luxury goods is HERMES BIRKIN,30 35 cm as well as bright colors such as orange, pink, purple and black King Cole would be of value.